Why is wall art important in our lives?

Why is wall art important in our lives? - Peter Yan Studio

With us all spending way more time at home, our spaces need to be places we enjoy being in more than ever. We do not want to be staring at empty walls all day. We need to add some life into our homes. Wall Art, including photography, is a great way to enhance and liven up a drab and dreary space.

Actually, there are a lot of benefits to having some wall art in your home. Read on to find our list of reasons why you should add some to your space.

Art is Getaway without Getting Away

With us all being stuck at home, we have been unable to travel much. This has been hard on many people who usually take that one mega summer vacation or international trip. For those wonder lust lovers, getting a bit of wall art with a global scene or natural wonder can help instill and keep that globetrotting love alive while being stuck at home. Depending on how you like to travel, whether it be a city hopper or outdoor enthusiast, you can find the perfect piece of wall art for you.

Art is Better for our Mood

Being stuck inside as well can be particularly difficult depending on where you live. If you are living in a highly urban area, such as a city, you are not exposed to many natural views.

Views of nature are so important for our health and wellbeing. There is a whole design theory revolving around the use of nature in design. It’s called Biophilic Design, and studies have shown how views of nature can reduce anxiety, depression and stress while boosting one’s overall mood. Even if you are living in a city or don’t have views out to nature, this effect can be achieved through photographs of trees, rivers, and mountain views.

Great places to put these pieces are in areas where you are constantly in, or find yourself getting stressed easily, such as a home office.

Art Inspires Us

There is that cheesy and overused saying that a picture speaks a thousand words. Well it is true. A photo has the power to captivate and move us from within. With a professional photographed piece of wall art, you will be spellbound every time you see it in your space, which is so needed right now. With the current global pandemic and us all staying at home, we are becoming uninspired and unmotivated in life. Seriously, a piece of art can do so much to uplift our spirits. It is really about finding the right piece of art that speaks to you, but once you do, you will have that feeling of captivation and inspiration whenever you look at it.

Helps Boost our Creativity

When we fill our homes with others creative work, such as photography, we too get a boost of those creative juices ourselves. If you appreciate art, you will notice the design elements within a piece. You sense how the eye moves around a piece, noticing the positive and negative space, center of focus, line, etc. It could even be the photograph’s subject that captivates us and inspires new ideas, thoughts, etc. Perhaps we even create stories behind the moments captured in a photo, creating a whole narrative for ourselves. All of these things are boosting and connecting to our creative brains.

Wall Art Completes a Room

Wall art helps to pull together a well-designed room. It is the finishing touch to any space, and can help add interest and character. A good way wall art does this is by creating a mood. For example, the lighting in a photo print can drastically shift and set a certain mood. Whether it be a natural view at golden hour, or a dramatic black and white, a print can strongly influence our moods and the vibes of our spaces.

Another way wall art helps tie a room together is through color. Large prints are great décor pieces to pull a color palette from. For example, in a living room, a print behind a sofa can act as a great foundation for picking and pairing the throw pillows on that furniture piece. Hung in a bathroom, it can influence the bath towels and mat.

There are so many benefits and ways to add wall art to your space. By making the most of our wall space and adding art we love, we are able to have a better living experience.

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