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Set of 3 Ocean themed prints, include:

Shallow Turquoise

Calm Turquoise

Forgotten Paradise

How many hours have I sat on the beach, watching ripples of water play among infinite pieces of sand, sand crabs blowing air bubbles, and children drawing circles? Though I’m not sure you can take the same picture of the ocean twice, for that’s how endless it is, there are patterns that emerge. Similar ripples. Arcs of exploring tides. The gradients that lead us to the depths.

This set of 3 turquoise ocean photos does that for me each time I stand back to look at them, the kind of mesmerizing look that leaves me humbled and impressed at the beauty of it all.

Shot in Western Australia

Prints are carefully rolled, and shipped in kraft tube boxes.

Hi, I’m Peter Yan, an independent artist and travel photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. I first want to thank you for being here and for taking the time to check out my photos and prints. To me, photography has always been a chance to capture those moments in time that make up the fabric of the places I visit. Whether it’s a surfer catching a wave under the Golden Gate or a Cormorant fisherman honouring a centuries-old way of life, each of these photos makes up my ever-growing love letter to our planet earth.

Take a look around the shop and I believe you’ll find something here to inspire your own travel and to refresh your way of looking at the world around us. By buying these unique prints, you’re supporting an independent artist and a small business to continue to explore and thrive and document our beautiful world. I couldn’t have this store or this career that I’m honoured to have without you and your support, and I hope to continue creating with you, and for you, for a very long time. 


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