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Greece Edition

9 Mobile Presets + 9 Desktop Presets + 4 RAW images + Video Tutorials + Wallpapers + Free Updates

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Created by Peter Yan aka @yantastic, this pack is more than just Lightroom presets, it is inspired to help you get better at photo editing, and to become more confident with your own style. All presets work with both RAW and JPEG photos, and they work amazingly for all photography styles. Make sure you watch all the mini video tutorials, and practice with the RAW images (included) to get the most out of this pack. Scroll down to see what you can do with this package:

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Transform Your Photos With One Click













  • 9 Premium Presets For Lightroom Mobile

  • 9 Premium Presets For Lightroom Desktop

  • 4 RAW Images

  • Free Updates

  • 30 Exclusive Wallpapers

  • Instant Download

  • Lifetime Purchase. Unlimited Use

  • Easy-to-follow Mini Video Tutorials

  • Easy Installation Guide

  • Compatible With iOS, Android, Mac & Windows


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iOS & Android

Transform Your Photos With Yantastic Presets On The Go

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macOS & Windows

Advanced adjustments with Lightroom CC or Classic


Wallpapers + RAW Images

Free Exclusive wallpapers for your phone.
Free RAW images to practice your editing skills.


One-Time-Purchase. Lifetime Use.

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Q. What is a "Lightroom Preset"?

Lightroom presets can dramatically reduce your editing time, and give your photos a professional look with just one click. Our presets are compatible with iPhone, Android, Mac & PC, so you can edit your photos wherever you are! Each preset was thoughtfully designed with a creative purpose in mind. These presets are excellent for both beginners and professional Photographers.

Q: Why ‘Yantastic Lightroom Presets’?

While a sharp eye may pick out grand subjects for photographs, it is the skilled editor who turns them into true works of art. This is an immutable fact – one that any experienced photography professional can tell you. If you want to take your photography to the next level, you need to focus on lighting and composition. Picking the right environments and the right times of day may come into play, but there is almost always something that you can do in post-production – if you have the right skills and the right tools available to you.

Fortunately, I can help you. I have created the Yantastic Lightroom Presets Master Collection to give you the boost that you need to improve your photo editing skills once and for all. For those whom real confidence in photography has eluded, this is the solution. You can use these preset with both RAW and JPEG photos, you can apply them to any photography style, and you can get started with them immediately. As you practice, you will learn from these presets, following the mini video tutorials to sharpen your skills and start putting out the beautiful visual content that you have always imagined – and that you have always known deep down to be within your reach.

Q. What if I lose my presets?

 No worries at all, just send us an email with your order details and we will send you a new download link.

Q. I'm not a professional photographer, is it easy to use?

Absolutely! Most of our customers are either beginners or enthusiast who just to get better at editing. You will have access to my short video tutorials so you can learn how to edit photos in Lightroom in just minutes! 



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