Yantastic Lightroom Presets

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I’ve curated a large photo library over the years, from travelling countless countries, I’ve captured landscapes of city and nature, from all different perspectives. These presets are my essentials to bringing out the best of these captures. 

It’s been a year that I’ve spent carefully fine-tuning these presets, which have been inspired by my creative play on tones, as well as being inspired by my fellow Instagram photographers. Being part of this community has motivated me to be courageous in trying out new colours and new lighting effects.

I designed these to help those in the same space as me, who are creatively finding their style in photography. 

There are 18 presets in this collection. Each preset was designed with a creative purpose in mind. 

Best for Portraits: Y-02, Y-04, Y-05, Y-06, Y-11, Y-12, Y-14, Y-15, Y-16

Best for Landscapes: Y-01, Y-02, Y-03, Y-04, Y-05, Y-07, Y-10, Y-13, Y-17, Y-18

Beautiful B&W: Y-08, Y-09

Perfecting your image

There are three basic adjustments you could play with after adding the preset:

1. Bring down or up the Exposure a little 

2. Bring up the Contrast

3. Bring up the Clarity 

4. Hold the key "\" to see before and after. 


How to install Lightroom presets


USD$13 | GBP£10 | EUR€12