Peter Yan
Landscape & Travel Photographer
Australian Photographer
Peter Yan

Hailing from Melbourne Australia, Peter Yan is a an internationally renowned photographer who seeks to capture the moments that are sewn into the fabric of the places he visits.

Best known for his ability to portray landscape & aerial views in a unique style, Peter’s work is appreciated by many art collectors across the globe. As an extension to his photography, he works with many well known brands and tourism boards to enhance their social media presence through content and social marketing.

To pursue a full-time life of telling stories through his photography, Peter left behind a successful career with Apple. He has now grown his social media accounts (Instagram & TikTok) to nearly one million followers from far & wide, who follow him to be a part of his journey. One of his most successful images to date is of a Cormorant fisherman in China. This image truly brought a vitality to Peter’s work & also much-deserved attention to a culture, & practice that is still held in high regard in China, Japan, & Korea. Peter’s Cormorant fisherman video on TikTok has over 20 million views to date.

Peter’s work has appeared in over thirty galleries worldwide, truly providing a global impact through his craft. With features in publications such as GQ, Condé Nast Traveler, & Lonely Planet, the sense of interest in visual storytelling is evergreen with Peter at the forefront of the movement. Collaborating with a myriad of world-class brands and tourism boards such as Olympus, Adobe, Four Seasons, Changi Airport, San Francisco, & Turkey (to name a few), Peter’s main passion is for capturing scenes that prompt others to get out and explore!

"Peter doesn't just take photos. He turns beautiful moments into art."

Art Collector

With a vast range of skills, Peter has been described by past clients as flexible & artful, always bringing their vision to life, & adapting to the varying conditions that travel-photography can warrant. As a visual content creator, digital marketer, & entrepreneur, Peter is a force to be reckoned with & just hopes that his photography will inspire others to travel, & follow their dreams the same way he has.

When he’s not working or traveling, Peter is quite introverted & you can usually find him relaxing at home, surfing the web & learning new things on YouTube. Being a Pisces, he stays true to the creative tones of his zodiac sign, & is always trying to find ways to put inspiration into his art. Chinese-born, Peter is a big fan of Chinese food, but one of the things he loves most about his travels is being able to experience the varying cultures (& cuisines) of life across the globe.

Work With Peter

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