Santorini Sunset, Greece | Premium Framed Print

Custom-Made Frame with Acrylic
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Locally produced frame with sustainably sourced plantation timber, and 2mm shatter-proof acrylic, handcrafted in Melbourne. Packed securely into sturdy shipping box for Australia wide shipping. 

Price includes print (vacuum mounted), frame (with premium metal hangers and steel wire), packaging and free shipping Australia wide.

Shot in Santorini, Greece

One of the first things I heard about when I came to Santorini was the buildings. The white buildings. How white it all was. I worried for a moment my photos wouldn’t be able to do it justice, but it took just one sunset to show me just how nuanced, deep, and meaningful the colour of an all-white building could be. Even things that seem simple have a surprising depth to them.

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Hi, I’m Peter Yan, an independent artist and travel photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. I first want to thank you for being here and for taking the time to check out my photos and prints. To me, photography has always been a chance to capture those moments in time that make up the fabric of the places I visit. Whether it’s a surfer catching a wave under the Golden Gate or a Cormorant fisherman honouring a centuries-old way of life, each of these photos makes up my ever-growing love letter to our planet earth.

Take a look around the shop and I believe you’ll find something here to inspire your own travel and to refresh your way of looking at the world around us. By buying these unique prints, you’re supporting an independent artist and a small business to continue to explore and thrive and document our beautiful world. I couldn’t have this store or this career that I’m honoured to have without you and your support, and I hope to continue creating with you, and for you, for a very long time. 

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